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Are you Growing Grown-ups or Raising …@#$&… Rascals?

Parenting is tough – even on a good day. The parents I know and work with are committed to raising capable, cooperative, responsible and respectful people. They seek out advice from experts, attend workshops and try the newest parenting fads as they hit the airways – and yet, they don’t see the results they are looking for.

When asked, most parents say they want to raise kids who are:

  • kind, compassionate and accepting, respectful of self and others (including their parents)
  • willing to help out with family chores on a regular basis without complaining
  • capable of solving problems without tattling or blaming others
  • able to take responsibility for their choices, actions and behavior
  • understand the value of money and learn to manage their own with confidence.

Unfortunately, these same parents tell me that the methods they are currently using including; yelling, time-outing, counting, lecturing, nagging, bribing and punishing isn’t working to turn their wish list into a reality.

I believe there is a simpler, more effective approach to bringing out the best in your kids, stay connected to them at any age and stage and give them plenty of space to live and learn all while maintaining your role as the leader of your family.

Family Meetings

In this Family Meeting course, I walk parents through all aspects of this grounding family ritual, setting the stage for progress, change and ultimate success in improving the family dynamic. As you go through the course and practice with your family, you learn what’s working, and what’s not so you can make small adjustments that support you and your family!

Kind Kids begins with Appreciations

Parents often ask, “How do I get my kids to be nice to each other?” or “How do I get my kids to stop fighting?” The truth is, whatever you are currently doing might work to create momentary compliance, but the fighting often resumes before you’ve had time to leave the room.

Parents want more than kids who just get along. Parents want kids who treat each other with respect, compassion, empathy and understanding. Practicing Family Meeting for 15 minutes each week is just what today’s families need to reach these goals.

Redefine Roles with Contributions

Are you ready to give up your job as the maid and be more emotionally available to your children? Would you like to help your children recognize the unique contribution they make to the health of the family? Would you like your children to help out around the house on a regular basis?

Within weeks, you can eliminate one BIG item from YOUR household to-do list and your children will feel empowered by realizing how important they are to the success of their family. You can also feel confident that you are supporting the development of self, home, social and life skills in your kids which ensures they will grow into self-reliant, competent, and confident adults.

Stop Tattling and Fighting in its Tracks with Problem Solving

Would you like to show your kids another solution to all the fighting, tattling and telling? We are a society that focuses on our problems and we often blame others when things don’t go our way. Family Meetings offers children an opportunity to identify problems quickly so they can spend their time brainstorming solutions. When kids are involved in the process they take ownership of the solutions which creates more chance for success.

You can finally give up your role as the law enforcement officer as your kids learn to handle any size problem on their own, including squabbles with their siblings.

Developing a healthy relationship with money fosters accountability and ends tantrums

Money will be a part of our children’s every day life. We have an obligation as parents to introduce them to money so when they are on their own they have the confidence and the experience to manage their money well, put it to good use, and to avoid the difficulties that so many families face today in this country.

No child is too young to begin to form a healthy relationship with money. One mom told us a story about her three-year-old son who went into a store with his friend and his friend’s mom. The young friend, upon seeing some shiny “gotta have” object, began to whine and beg her mother for it, at which point the mom’s son looked at his friend and said, “but you didn’t bring any money.”

I am so energized now that I have time to myself each morning. I had no idea how much I was doing for my children and how draining it was, until they started to take care of their own laundry and lunches. I am a much more attentive mother, now that I am not drowning in socks.

Ann P., Hingham, MA

Who will Benefit from this Course!?

Family Meetings are a valuable resource for any family. They help create healthy habits in many key-parenting areas, including: showing kindness and appreciation for all family members, contributing to household chores on a regular basis, solving problems without tattling or blaming, learning to manage money and so much more.

Parents who implement Family Meetings discover clear and welcomed progress, positive change and a willingness from every member of the family to work together to attain peace and harmony. Children begin to feel empowered and adults gain confidence that they are indeed parenting on the right track.

If you are looking for a new approach to parenting and possibly identify with one of the parents below, you are ready for Family Meetings.


The Screamer

Parents who are tired of all the yelling and screaming to get things done.

The Judge and Jury

Parents who are tired of having to punish their children in order for them to learn.

Stuck in a Power Play

Parents who are tired of having to battle wills all day long!

Create More Joy and Less Stress!

Holding weekly Family Meetings influences the family dynamic and atmosphere in a positive and lasting way. It is possible to solve multiple challenges (fighting, chores, tattling, arguing at the store) during one 15 minute meeting and remain calm, logical, and respectful while doing it. Within a few short weeks you will experience first-hand, the power of this parenting tool.

What are the next steps and how much does it cost?

What would helping your children create healthy habits in some of the most important areas of life including: patience, follow-through, accountability, organization, time-management, self-control, personal responsibility, relationships, independence, self-reliance, communication, and appreciation be worth to you?

You can enroll in my “Family Meeting Course” for a one-time payment of $199.

Yep. That’s it. $199 for you to learn how to have effective, efficient and pleasant family meetings that ensure our kids learn the necessary skills to live productive, satisfying and passionate lives when they strike out on their own.

As soon as you complete your purchase you will receive your unique username and password, enabling you to access the entire course. All modules are digital and include downloadable resources and tip sheets.

30 DAY guarantee! BOOM!

I offer a 30 day, money back guarantee!

If, after completing the full course and doing all of the exercises, you don’t experience positive shifts in your family dynamic and the development of your children’s life skills, email me and I will refund your money 100%.

The risk is entirely on me!

Lifetime Access!
$199 one-time
Family Meeting!

Teach Appreciations for Kind Kids

Give Allowance so Kids Learn how to Manage Money

Distribute Contributions to Teach Essential Life Skills

Practice Problem Solving for Solution Focused Children

Downloadable Tip Sheets

Over 25 Video Lessons

5 Bonus Interviews with Real Families

15 Minutes a Week

Peace of Mind

What parents are saying

This course is an amazing value, and I feel as though I now have a handle on how to do family meetings, why they are so important, and all the ways my family will benefit. We had our first meeting last week, and it went okay. I know that it’s a first step and that success will build over time, so I am excited for our next meeting and for creating items that support thinking about family meeting all week long, like the appreciation board and the problem board. Vicki Hoefle is my favorite parenting author, and this course rocks!

Sara B.

Vicki is a godsend. This is making so much sense and I think will benefit our family dynamic in a significant, positive way.

Corey B.

Lifetime Access!
$199 one-time
Family Meeting!

Teach Appreciations for Kind Kids

Give Allowance so Kids Learn how to Manage Money

Distribute Contributions to Teach Essential Life Skills

Practice Problem Solving for Solution Focused Children

Downloadable Tip Sheets

Over 25 Video Lessons

5 Bonus Interviews with Real Families

15 Minutes a Week

Peace of Mind