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Family Meeting

15 minutes a week!

Holding weekly Family Meetings influences the family dynamic and atmosphere in a positive and lasting way. It is possible to solve multiple challenges (fighting, chores, tattling, arguing at the store) during one 15 – 20 minute meeting and remain calm, logical, and respectful while doing it. Within a few short weeks you will experience first-hand, the power of this parenting tool.

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The Essential Parenting Roadmap

Are you feeling lost? Stuck in a rut? Maybe you’re all the way down the rabbit hole with no idea how to turn things around. Or, perhaps, you live by a “plan”, but you don’t have one for your everyday parenting and it feels like you’re winging it (and you hate that!).

The Essential Parenting Roadmap is a 45-minute master class for only $25 that will help you identify, plan and reach your real-life parenting goals, specifically in the areas of: morning routine, sibling rivalry, and helping out around the house.

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