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In this upbeat, informational presentation, Vicki shares the key ideas behind her popular books, Duct Tape Parenting and The Straight Talk On Parenting. She touches on 5 key “trip ups” most parents face in their journey toward raising responsible, resilient children. Then, she offers five key solutions that will help any parent get un-stuck – no matter their children’s ages or stages. Parents will be pleasantly surprised at why it’s a good idea for parents everywhere to zip it. Click to learn more.


embarrassed.teenPRESSURE TO BE PERFECT

The statistics are alarming. Teens (and even younger children) report increased levels of stress, anxiety, pressure to perform, and thoughts of self-harm. Parents want to know what they can do to protect and prepare their children to deal with these pressures in healthy ways. The task can feel overwhelming in today’s world with the influence of social media and the ever present desire to maintain a competitive edge. In this presentation parents will learn what they can do to remain a guiding force in their children’s lives, create reasonable boundaries that support independence, maintain mutual respect when discussing sensitive topics and how to promote self-awareness in their children which is the foundation for maintaining emotional health. All of these skills bring families closer together and support kids as they transition from childhood to young adulthood. Click to learn more.



If you look up “allowance” on the internet, you’ll find endless opinions and articles written by confused parents on the subject. In this practical, valuable and easy to process presentation, Vicki takes the mystery out of when and where and how to give children an”allowance” and gives parents the tools to guide their children into a healthy relationship with money. Click to learn more.


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Vicki combines wit, anecdotal humor and hard-hitting facts in her thought provoking, life changing workshops and presentations. She breaks down the myths that keep parents stuck in useless power struggles and she presents clear information that is valuable and sustainable (and oh-so-logical!).

Vicki is a nationally recognized parenting expert with twenty years of experience- she’s heard every parenting story out there – and yes, parents consistently try to stump her (without much luck!). She is a professionally trained Adlerian life coach as well as a skilled teacher, drawing on her background in child development, human psychology, family dynamics and is an expert at problem solving.

She’s knowledgeable in her field, and just as importantly, she’s compassionate and understanding. She gets it. She raised five children. She consistently draws on her own experience as a mom, which creates a very genuine and empowering connection to her audience. This trusting connection enables those around her to take the steps to find change.

Rest assured that when you book Vicki, your audience will be engaged from start to finish and they will leave with information they can take home, test out and apply immediately to family life.