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Vicki’s Golden Nugget of Parenting Advice

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Imagine that your child comes home at 25-years-old with her best friend. Everyone is sitting at the table and your child’s best friend ask your child to describe you in one word.

    What would your child say? What word would she use?
    What do you as a parent want that word to be?
    Are you the person you want your child to describe?
    How are you demonstrating this value every day?
    What actions do you take in relationship with your child that support who you want to be?

The golden nugget of parenting advice? Decide. Decide who you want to be and take the time and make a plan to be that person and practice. Run every decision through this value and practice every day.


  • Cindy 6 months ago Reply

    Vicki, I read/listen to you frequently and always come away with inspiration. This was too beautiful to pass up, so I must comment. Sometimes parents need to step back as you suggest, and see that big picture that can’t really be erased. How will we spend our words and actions each parenting moment so that they add up to good? What will the memories be? Gosh, that insight is so incredible—as are you!

  • Vicki 6 months ago Reply

    Hi Cindy. First, I have to say, I absolutely love your blog. Such thoughtful posts that both support and challenge parents which is a hard balance to find, but a necessary one if we are to grow as parents. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I know it might sound sappy, but it’s true none the less, that these comments give me the courage to go back out and continue with my work. Again, my deepest thanks for taking the time to write. Vicki

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