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New Beginnings

Our children are getting ready! Summer is almost over and you can almost feel the excitement and nervousness in the air. Pretty soon, if they haven’t already, our children will be headed off to a new school – preschool, high school, college – or a new grade, maybe with a new teacher. It’s all very exciting as we begin to prepare ourselves for this change by buying new clothes, shoes, notebooks and backpacks.

This excitement and readiness for change is often what it feels like during the first night of my Parenting On Track™ classes. Parents have come to the class for a host of different reasons, but during that first night they all seem to have an “Ah ha” moment when the information in the class starts to click with them and they begin to feel energized and ready to face their family armed with new information and a fresh outlook.

Here’s what some Parenting On Track™ parents have said about this experience in their Blogs:

“ (A)s I watched Vicki, I started doing that thing– that head nodding-as-if-she were-in-the-room thing. Like the amen, sister, thing … Read more of the parentingontracktales blog

“We finished the all-day seminar and feel totally inspired. Finally, a structured plan to foster our children’s independence and well-being! Who knew I’ve been going about this mom thing all wrong? … in just one day, Vicki served up a big, fat awareness sandwich. For me at least, awareness grabs hold of my brain and doesn’t let go. Once I have it, I cannot ignore it. At that point, I had no choice but to follow through.” Read more of the Flockmother blog

You can check out the Parenting On Track™ Home Program, which is exactly like taking the six week class from the comfort of your own couch! Isn’t it time for a new beginning for your family too?

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