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Looking for a polished, witty and well-versed speaker who delivers consistent ah-has, amens and head nods? Look no further!




Raising children is perhaps the most complex, challenging task you’ll ever face. Vicki can help.

Private Coaching

Who Works with Vicki Hoefle?

Vicki Hoefle works with parents, professionals, educators, leaders, authors and businesses all across the US in a variety of ways, including:

With over 20 years of presentation experience Vicki delivers not only relevant content that parents are hungry to get their hands on, but a style that is engaging, fast-paced and challenges participants to “turn off auto-pilot and jump into the driver’s seat of parenting and life!”

Vicki is described by audiences as honest, hard-hitting, inspiring and engaging. She connects with parents on an deep and emotional level. Her advice is practical and solution-focused inspiring parents to access the real expert in their children’s lives – themselves.

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