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I have been working with and “coaching” parents for nearly 20 years. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. If you are a busy parent juggling children, a job, and your home, you may wonder how you will find the time to work with a coach because of the time commitment.

That’s where I come in. It’s not just my experience as a parent educator that allows me to get to the heart of the matter; it’s also my ability to interpret nuances, words and emotions and to “hear” what isn’t being said.

At the end of our time together, you will have a new clarity that guides your parenting decisions, a plan of action to help you move closer to your goals, a list of resources to tap into when life gets bumpy and the knowledge that I am here for you, to support, guide and encourage you whenever needed. Working with a trained coach is powerful and clients say it can be a magical experience.

Free Getting Acquainted Session 

Let’s talk. In this free 30-minute discovery session you will determine if working with me will bring about the positive changes you wish to see in your family. We’ll also explore my services, so you can choose the one that is best for you and your family. This will not be a coaching session. We will not solve problems or address issues. This is a time for us to get to know each other better.

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    “During our initial getting-to-know-you call, I felt like someone finally heard and understood my concerns. Vicki listened to me and offered insight into the exact plan we would create together to create a more cohesive, peaceful household. I am so looking forward to working with her as our coach.” – Kate C.

OPTION 1: 90-minute Strategy Session – $295

With a 90-minute coaching consultation, you focus your time and attention on a specific challenge and create a plan of action to bring you closer to your goal.

It could be that:

  • You have young children and you want to start your parenting journey with a solid plan to guide you and your family.
  • You have a specific challenge that is tripping you and your family up and although you can articulate it, you are baffled when it comes to improving the situation.
  • Maybe you just need a bit of encouraging for yourself, a fine tuning of strategies and a few new ideas on how to keep you and your family moving forward.

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    “I am amazed by how, even with such a short session, Vicki was able to size up our issues and give me some new ways of looking at what was going on with my older son. Simple strategies such reframing and encouraging me to think about things from his perspective and to TALK to him about what was going make a big difference. Vicki is so knowledgeable, supportive, and insightful. I love her sense of humor and appreciation of the trials and joys of parenting! Thank you!!!” – Rachel G.

OPTION 2: 3-Hour Coaching Package – $555

This coaching package allows us to look a bit deeper into your life’s circumstances. This length of time is perfect for those challenges in which you have made a bit of progress or improvement.

Do the same situations or issues keep tripping you up? And no matter what you try, you can’t seem to nail down a solution that feels right and continues to work over the long haul?

With this 3-hour Coaching Package you can update your parenting plan and I will guide you as you practice implementing it with your family to raise capable, cooperative, responsible and respectful kids who will grow into emotionally healthy, high functioning, contributing adults.

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Kathy Haskell“Vicki offers the personal support I need when I realize I am not parenting from my best. Her observations help me climb out of the rut I’m in and to recognize the patterns that are disrupting the family flow. Her ability to ask the questions that lead to my own personal “ah ha” moments make her an invaluable resource. Her encouragement reminds me I have made significant progress and that inspires me to see the best in myself and my children. I find I look forward to my next session with Vicki and appreciate how easy she makes the process..” Kathy H – Waitsfield, VT

OPTION 3: 5-Hour Coaching Package – $875

This coaching package allows us to cover your life’s circumstance in-depth. This length of time is perfect for those longstanding challenges to which you have made little progress or improvement.

It could be that:

  • Your children are transitioning from toddler-hood to school-age or you have an emerging adolescent and you want to guide your children through this tricky terrain with confidence and ease.
  • You are beginning to experience an increase in power struggles and you want solutions that will help you maintain a healthy, loving and respectful relationship with your children for the long-term, and ensure you all get out of the house on time without tears or tantrums (yours or theirs).
  • You want help with smoother morning or evening routines, more respectful communication, revitalized family meetings or a more encouraging environment for you and your family.

With this Coaching Package you will create a parenting plan that supports you and your family, that you can implement today to help you raise capable, cooperative, responsible and respectful kids who will grow into emotionally healthy, high functioning, contributing adults, and I will be with you every step of the way.

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“Speaking with Vicki one-on-one has been invaluable for me as I grow into megankaijitani350hmothering my now four and seven-year-old children. When I met Vicki, our youngest was a newborn and I felt totally out of control. Doing Vicki’s Home Program and having the amazing experience of consulting with her one-on-one has helped me grow into a much more directed and confident parent. Vicki has a way of getting right to the heart of the issue, asking the tough questions while being loving at the same time. She is incredibly sensitive about the health situation we’ve got with our kids, and always helps me to live in balance. She simply wants us all to succeed, it is very clear. I have plenty more growing to do in this lifelong role, and I am so very grateful to know Vicki is there to support and guide me; it’s an invaluable feeling knowing her wisdom is available to us. When I think of all of the useless things we all tend to spend our money on, I can’t believe I ever even hesitated on investing in parenting training and coaching; every penny is an investment in the happiness of our family. What on earth is there more important to invest in than that?” Megan P-K., Carlsbad, CA.

OPTION 4: Personal Onsite Consultations

For other parents, a Personal Onsite Consultation is the answer. Parents work with me one-on-one from the privacy of their home with an intense focus on “recalibrating” the parent/child relationship and family dynamics.

Whether you are dealing with toddlers who throw daily temper tantrums, siblings who squabble, kids who are spending too much time with their devices, or just plain old snarky, uncooperative, attitudes we are going to look at the family as a whole and then design a parenting plan that will address these specific issues and provide boundaries that everyone can life with (and ensure that you get out of the house on time in the morning.)

By the end of our time together you and your spouse will have a cohesive parenting plan that will support a healthy marriage and successful launch of your children.

Personal Onsite Consultation includes:

  • Review the Parenting Questionnaire you filled out prior to my arrival and gather further information about the family that will guide our work together.
  • Observe interactions among all family members, which will help me to better understand what is already working well and what areas to address.
  • Work with you to create a specific parenting plan that addresses your areas of concern.
  • Make final recommendations as you begin to implement your new parenting strategies.
  • Facilitate a kick-off meeting with the entire family so you begin your journey together.

We will work to:

  • Identify a parenting approach that supports all members of your family, as well as, your values, preferences and rhythms.
  • Challenge old assumptions and beliefs you may have concerning children and their behavior.
  • Re-establish your role as the leaders of your family using respectful strategies, appreciative inquiry and open communication.
  • Create an atmosphere where kids are willing to cooperate on a regular basis (and not just when they want something from you) and more.

With this personal, intensive and individual fine tuning families experience lasting and sustainable change.

A Personal Onsite Consultation includes 12+ coaching hours over the course of several days & follow up calls over the course of one or two months, depending upon your needs.

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“Personal Onsite Coaching created an opportunity for Vicki to hang out with my children. At first, I was mortified when both children decided to have complete and utter meltdowns right in front of her. However, watching her approach, hearing her tone, and listening to her speak made such an impact, I realized how grateful I was to have made the choice to hire her. Having her visit a few times in the past year has created a sense of peace inside my being that I yearned for the minute I held my children. I have also gained the tools to work with my children to tackle any challenge that we encounter.” – Margo Y., Park City, UT.

What More Parents are Saying


“Vicki Hoefle is a professional and passionate coach. She has the uncanny ability to see the best side of the parent, child, and family as a whole. She observes with kindness and an open-heart . She makes recommendations and asks questions that drive right to the core of the problem or challenge, there is no dancing around the subject with Vicki. This is exactly what our family needed, honesty and faith – faith that we could handle the truth and had the courage to move forward.

gavin de becker

With Vicki we felt comfortable and were able to open up to the possibility of change. The path was clear and the decision made. At times, we were challenged to stay on our path and Vicki was right there with a kind word of encouragement that helped us believe in ourselves as parents and as people charged with the great responsibility of raising human beings. We are forever indebted to Vicki, her insight, her wisdom and her guidance. I will never doubt the investment we made in our family. Without a family that is whole, what else is there?”

– Gavin de Becker, Author Protecting the Gift

“Working with Vicki put the fun back into my parenting. My son and I were beginning to argue during every transition of the day and I didn’t want the arguing to turn into daily power struggles. After my work with Vicki I am a more effective and empathetic parent. Her approach to raising children is not for parents comfortable with the status-quo. Like all significant change it requires tenacity, but in the end I feel more calm and less confrontational, and get better and better at giving my son the power to be a responsible and engaged part of the family.

Vicki asks the right questions and is there when you need her. I have learned to hit the pause button and really see what things I am doing that are, and are not, working. I have very high standards for others and myself; there are few people I know who possess the emotional intelligence, empathy, family relational concepts, and fresh thinking that motivated me to try her approach. She has earned my respect, and ultimately will have had a hand in helping me to capture my greatest hopes for my family and myself.” – Adele N., San Francisco, CA.

“We felt a new sense of hope and a growing confidence in our ability along with more joy and a new reclaimed enthusiasm in our role as parents after working with Vicki.” Valorie & Todd H., Granby, CT.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Ready to schedule a session? Contact us and let us know. We are here to address your concerns or get you started right away. Thank you!