About Vicki Hoefle

Vicki Hoefle began teaching over 20 years ago, while running a daycare centering Seattle, Washington. Parents applauded her approach with their children, and wanted to bring her tools and understanding of children home.  From this need, Vicki created a six-week parenting class.

Two decades and thousands of success stories later, Vicki continues to share her parenting tips and techniques with families across the country.

She combines expertise in Adlerian Psychology with a suite of actionable, time tested tools. Her informative and highly engaging presentation style keeps her in demand as a speaker, facilitator and educator.

A personal word from Vicki

Parents feel isolated and afraid to admit that they need help. We start making assumptions about what is happening in other people’s houses. And you know what —we tend to think that everyone else is doing a great job and we are doing an awful job. We begin to put our energy into “getting” our children to look and behave in certain ways, because we have the idea that other people are watching and judging us.

Instead of parenting from our best, we start parenting from our fear. We quickly begin to feel the downward spiral of these assumptions. Parenting is tough enough — we don’t need to make it worse by thinking that the world is judging us based on the actions of our four- year-old.

Teaching parent education is also my passion. I can’t think of anything I would rather do. I have watched as family after family experiences significant and lasting change, as a result of this program. As the mother of five teenagers who has been in the trenches, I can say with certainty that the Parenting On Track™ program delivers what parents are looking for.

Today, I am the mother of 6, 2 adopted as a result of a second marriage and reconnecting with the child I gave up for adoption 32 years ago. The dream I had as a “soon to be mother “is nothing compared to the real life journey I experience daily with each and every one of my children. My life does not get any better than this! 

 – Vicki

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Professional Highlights
Member of NASAP, North American Society of Adlerian Psychology | Member of ICF, International Coaching Federation | Strategic Partner to the Adler International Learning |  Completed ICASSI training at Wheaton College | Workshop presenter at the Florida Adlerian Society Conference