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8 Encouraging Parenting Messages

EncouragementMore than any other tool, strategy, concept or skill I use,  encouragement has been and continues to be my strategy of choice. In fact I consider encouragement “a way of being” more than a strategy. I beleive that if parents developed and mastered the art of encouragement, they would experience dramatic and lasting changes in both their children’s behavior and the quality of the parent / child relationship.

– Vicki Hoefle

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  • Slawebb 7 months ago Reply

    Thank you Vicki for doing this series of Summer posts. They are really helping me to refocus on what is really important and is helping to set me up for a great summer full of less stress and more encouragement.

  • rackerly 7 months ago Reply

    Great, Vicki! You have defined in eight sayable sayings what it took me a whole book to say: What to do to ENCOURAGE Character, Curiosity and Creativity in children. Nice.

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