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5 Myths About School and Kids

educationAs the back to school energy (fueled by crisp notebook paper and the scent of freshly sharpened pencils) starts to drop off into a more wrinkled routine, there are 5 Back to School Myths that can really mess things up for our kids.

These myths do not reflect who you are or how good a parent you are. Incidentally, these are not true for others, just in case you want to raise an eyebrow at someone else’s messy little munchkin. 🙂

Myth # 1 – Kids will pack Twix bars and Twizzlers EVERY. SINGLE. DAY if left to their own decision-making.
Truth # 1 – Not true. In fact, if allowed to participate in the choosing, the storing and the packing of their food, along with a few guidelines, the kids will naturally put together satisfying and healthy snacks and lunches.

Myth # 2 – It’s completely reasonable for you to be the human alarm clock, the maid and the unpaid chauffeur, and that you never hear a “thanks mom, thanks pop” from your kids.
Truth # 2 – First, your kids WANT to be involved in their own life (if only someone would invite them into the process) and would relish you taking a step back and allowing them more opportunities to participate, and when that happens you will hear all forms of thank you’s and appreciations.

Myth # 3 – Socks must match. Shirts must go on right side out. Shoes must be on the right feet. Kids need styling assistance.
Truth # 3 – Personally, I think kids have amazing style and if we worried less about what others are saying about us as the parents of these style icons, we could support them in their desire to express themselves in personal and unique ways.

Myth # 4 – The backpack is yours to stuff, unstuff, pack, unpack, hang up, repeat and if you DIDN’T do it, it would never get done. You say you want to teach your kids to be responsible human beings?
Truth # 4 – You say you want to raise responsible kids but if that were really true, you would allow them to take responsibility for their stuff from the earliest possible age. Ownership builds all kinds of wonderful character traits.

Myth # 5 – Homework police exist, and you’re the sheriff.
Truth # 5 – If you want your kids to take ownership of their education, learn time management, prioritize, follow through and learn from mistakes, you would most certainly allow them to police themselves when it came to homework. More importantly, you would be showing your kids that you believe in them and have faith in their abilities.

As you read through the last 5 myths, identify any faulty beliefs you have that could be tripping you up and write your own version of a more factual truth. If you take action and make small changes this coming school year, I promise, you and the kids will look back in June and marvel at what an easy, enjoyable and successful year you have had together.

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